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I had such a beautiful experience with Yonatan at a 3 day retreat he hosted. Among other thing’s We learnt mantra, hatha yoga philosophy and a small amount of tantric yoga to move energy around our body. Yonatan as a teacher is probably one of the best I have ever had and if he wasn’t leaving our small little coastal town to travel, I would definitely have asked him if he would have taught me to teach yoga as his teaching style is fantastic.

Brando Yelavich


I will start from the man, Yonatan is an authentic man of heart and spirit.

he immediately created a super comfortable, non judgmental environment with a big smile and lots of charm.

during my astrology reading session i was fascinated and felt so deeply connected to the things he spoke about. i was blessed to have this reading with Yonatan that put a mirror Infront of me that allowed me to find compassion and understanding.

I enjoyed every moment and experienced a lot of healing.

Tal Gilad


I was finding it difficult to find a therapist that I could connect with that took more of a holistic approach to life and that I could connected with on a deep level that also incorporated spiritual philosophies into their practice. I was not particularly searching for a life coach until I saw Yonatan's advert pop up on my news feed and I felt drawn to connect with him. I was going through a really hard time when our sessions first began. Looking back now I remember how tense I was and how trapped I felt in my body when communicating my emotions. Yonatan helped me to feel safe and secure and calm. I experienced 
a sound healing journey with him, in nature. It was powerful and beautiful and I felt a really strong shift within me afterwards and have felt much lighter since. I believe it brought some walls down in me also and helped me to better connect with him in our coaching sessions that followed. Yonatan is kind and wise with a wealth of knowledge and has a really beautiful ability to really understand what I communicate. Yonatan has taught me alot about communication, expression, love and compassion. I am so grateful for the coaching and tools he has provided me with and the continuous support. I will continue to use the lessons that I have gained through my sessions with Yonatan throughout my life.

Dale Nagel

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